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Friday, 31 December 2010

The implications are startling

I've promised to condense the review of My Magpie Fuller's essay called The Great Lawsuit into six pieces. So this will be the final here. But what I want to do is suggest that for those really interested in this material, especially in the esoteric topic of Sacred Feminine, that you go get your fill on the new blog.

Just so this doesn't end too simply though I'll deduce by way of bullets, the conclusion of this series.

  • Margaret Fuller wrote in a time that was barbaric and primitive compared to the "collective consciousness" of today
  • Still, she spoke from an elevated viewpoint
  • On the surface the material seemed to be about feminism and rights of women
  • I contend that something else lies below the surface of her words
  • A male centric religion pervades the landscape of human myth
  • The spirit which seems to inform the planet looks a whole lot more feminine than male
Now, what you'll see from this point forward, for those brave souls who will join us over in You Talkin Me?, is a new dimension to the story.  I suggest there is a technique to help anyone who is interested in transcending limitations that is ancient and astounding. It is in our bodies but it isn't in our bodies. It requires concentration but you shouldn't concentrate. It will set you free but you'll decide to stay close to the center.

This won't be me making this stuff up. Just me sharing resources. I'll reveal a pass to a new world. Called the Mysterious Female.


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  1. Just wanted to tie up some loose ends. This post asked that you go to the new blog where more space could be allocated to material. Specifically, I wanted to delve into the matter of the Divine Feminine. But it is obvious that I was kidding myself that enough "eyes" land on my pages to warrant a "traffic" coordinator.

    So, if you did read this post and really DID want to see more about where I was headed, I can't quite lead you to source material because I haven't found anyone else in my research that is putting this together in quite the same way.

    Here is a "snippet." Many people are writing about the Divine Feminine and the subject matter isn't new in the least. In fact you'll ample material with a search.

    The best I can do without writing more about it, which I've decided not to do because it tends to just be me talking to myself, sort of like, "Dear Diary..." and Ann Frank I'm not.... so, let me do my best to help you find the trail and you can pick up the scent yourself.

    The Taoist (actually the period was a time of turmoil in China and a group of scholars and spiritual alchemists combined the teaching of Taoism, Buddhism (especially Chan) and Confuciusism, but for the most part, the synthesis is Taoist in my opinion) talked about seeking a certain "pass" in meditation. A MYSTERIOUS PASS, it is often called. They would sometimes refer to it as the "cauldron" or the oven where fire and water combine and steam to produce a spiritual embryo.

    All of these words will seem very strange to we Westerners with our first digestion of them. But with practice and time spent "turning the light around" a little glimpse starts happening and the terms somehow start making "sense."

    At some point as I wrote this, I exceeded the maximum number of words for the comments section. I cut an pasted the remainded on email, so if you want the rest, please email me and request the rest of it. I'm at Many blessings to you!