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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Divine Feminine

Nestled somewhere in this next group of blogs will be the review of Margaret Fuller's essay named The Great Lawsuit. Originally I set out to merely to discuss the article which she originally published in the transcendentalist periodical, called The Dial but the task grew to include a considerable amount of study and contemplation of a bunch of other material.

Since I've subtitled this site Bite Size Pieces, it would be unfair to the reader to be served a huge banquet as if it were an appetizer. Therefore, each of the forthcoming hors d'oeuvres will have one delicious flavor in common, but shall be designed to not overburden your digestive system.

Since James Lovelock published the Gaia Hypothesis in the early 1970s, it has been a popular hobby by progressive thinkers to hold the planet and the intricate connection of all things in greater esteem. We now widely consider the elements of Yin and Yang as necessary forces to be balanced in nature. And yet, a huge percentage of those same thinkers, perhaps even practitioners of Tai Chi or Yoga, also hold fast to a male centric religion, such as Christianity, Muslim or Judaism.

In these next few blog posts I will suggest that it is our religious heritage which holds us back from our true highest self.  Primarily because our ankles are so solidly entrenched in the concrete of these religions, that we can't fly to the height of our potential.  We have not yet fully embraced the beauty and energy of  the force which will be required to set us free.

This first installment will be especially short and sweet. So I'll leave you now with the most sumptuous flavor our physical senses will ever know. She is the Sacred Feminine. She enters through our heart center and is accessible to all of us, full time. I hope your appetite is whetted.


  1. Great start on a massive idea. I look forward to reading more...what an extraordinary coincidence that Roger Ebert is exploring the same topic now, too. Very timely!

  2. Thanks Jo. Your support is always a source of inspiration.